ABOUT BioxDent


A leading innovator and developer of dental materials and process across the globe, Bioxdent focused on three-dimensional experience that capture the leading dentistry-technology, develop the unique dental products and satisfy the oral patient. Backed by our state-of-the-art facility, Bioxdent dedicate to provide the best possible materials and service and to sustainedly meet or exceed customer’s expectations.




At Bioxdent, we are passionate about what we do and committed to doing our jobs the right way. That means we focus on serving dentistry through our 3D experience to benefit our customers and patients. This passion consistently motivates us to contribute to revitalization of the dental industry and the expanding supply of beneficial dentistry.




At Bioxdent, we are committed to improving quality of dental care and to providing the best solutions for our customers and patients. We realize that it's one thing to develop a dental product with promise, but it's yet another to consistently develop a dental product that lives up to its promise. Our team strives to make sure that our performance matches our promise.




Our belief that our people are our most important asset provides the foundation for all of our values and convictions. Our extensive portfolio of corporate resources is, however, not enough to make us "the best." To be the best, we need the best people – people who are always striving to obtain more and to maximize value for our company.



At Bioxdent, we are proud to contribute to revitalization of the dental industrial and the expanding supply of beneficial dental materials, which is reviving the dental market. We take our role in this very seriously. We strongly believe that our values, commitment to excellence, flexibility and experience give Bioxdent the edge and resilience to continue our long-term success as a strategic player in the dental industry.