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Ultra Diamond Coating

High-precision during operation

Round shape design for chip exhaust

Sharp edge for fast cutting


Milling Solution

Durable Milling Bur for Zirconia and Resin Materials


Bioxtec™ Milling Burs offer 3 types of coatings available in Ultra-Diamond coating. TiN(Alumium Titanium Nitride) coating and DLC coating. These special coated milling burs had proven to produce up to 8 to 10 times the life of other conventional milling burs. Compatible systems in Roland*, VHF *, Amann Girrbach* and  ZirkonZahn*.

Ultra Diamond Coating Burs


  • Maintains a high-precision from even during long-term use

  • Long life with new diamond coating technique(Bioxdent™ own technology)

  • Applied unique design technology

     - Chip exhausted smoothly during operation

     - Tool shape is designed and formulated from diamond coating

     - Round shape designed for smooth chip exhaust

     - Sharp edge for fast cutting

  • Ideal for materials of Zirconia or other Metals

  • Milling capacity is between 300 to 600 units depend upon operating conditions

TiN Coating Burs


  • Aluminum Titanium Nitride Coated Burs also have a exceptional life time use longer than conventional burs

  • Cutting in extreme condition materials

  • Excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance

  • Milling capacity is between 150 to 200 units depend upon operating condition 

BioxTec™ Milling Tool-Diamond coating properties


BioxTec Diamond has a high hardness and high thermal conductivity.It is the best coating material to protect the end mill.The figure below shows the hardness and thermal conductivity properties of each materials.


BioxTec™ Milling Bur by Systems and Types

Dimension Reference 


Milling tools for Origin* System is coming soon!!!

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